Saturday, March 6

Waking up for spring 2.

There. I've swept the path and hacked back the vinca which was threatening to overtake it. I'm planning to cut a channel down the grass side and then possibly sow lettuces in there, but that's a job for another day.

The tall things (taller than me) with the sticks are my broccoli trees. They are last year's purple sprouting broccoli, which I couldn't (and still can't) quite bring myself to pull up. I am now waiting to see if I'll get any more sprouting this year. I think there might be some coming. Oh how I love purple sprouting broccoli. There is a recipe in March's Sainsbury's magazine for PSB with pasta, pancetta and walnuts which I keep meaning to try. Yum!


Plummy Mummy said...

Very industrious of you. I didn't know that broccoli grew on trees. The recipe sounds good though I'd have to leave out the ham. Maybe replace it with chilli flakes. Yum yum yum

Emma said...

Heh, to be honest I don't think they are supposed to get that big!

I'm with you on the chilli flakes :)

Plummy Mummy said...

Oh no Emma watch out it's the Day of the Triffid Broccoli.ARGH run away, run away