Sunday, March 14

Primulas, potatoes and greens

We are in the middle of this at the moment. Although it is going to be great when it's done the mess involved is making me a bit miserable. I'm not the world's tidiest person but I do have trouble with dirty. Everything is currently covered in a layer of dust, and every time you wipe it away another layer descends. I hate it. Still. Great when it's done. Great when it's done. Great when it's done.

To cheer myself up I went to B&Q and got myself these. Those who know me well will laugh at the inevitable colour choice but these were the only ones available, honest! (Well, OK there were some white ones mixed in but I've potted them separately. Very tasteful they are too. Vita Sackville-West would be proud.) I planted a pot of them up with some Tete a tete daffodils for my Mum but I forgot to take a picture of those. You'll just have to close your eyes and imagine them.

My seed potatoes are busy chitting on the kitchen window sill. I didn't chit last year but everything I read implies that it is a Good Thing, so I'm trying it out.

We had this for dinner last night. It was bloody delicious. (Terrible photo, sorry.) It's Spring Green Gratin and the recipe is in April's Sainsbury's magazine. Basically it consists of blanched spring greens covered in a parmesan cheese sauce with toasted walnuts in it, and then an obscene amount of cheese on the top. The milk for the sauce is infused with onion, cloves and bay. It was very rich: so rich that neither of us could manage the seconds we had. Definitely one to do again.


Plummy Mummy said...

Mess&Dust horrible. Feel for you.
Flowers...ooooh they are pretty and the colours as lovely.
What's chitting? Sounds painful :)
The Green Grating sounds delicious...anything with cheese is lovely.
I forgot to send you this link to a site that is very seasonal and you just reminded me with the recipe:
When you do the green thing again, let me know if you need a taster. My services come very cheap (will eat for food if you know what i mean)

Plummy Mummy said...

Green grating???!!!!
Gratin I mean GRATIN

Emma said...

Well, there WAS a lot of grating involved....

Will sort out a day for Important Grating Tasting once the bathroom is done (no door on the loo at the moment: not ideal for visitors!)

Chitting is just where you leave the tats in the light and they sprout. You are supposed to do it in organised egg boxes, but I did it with clever leaning instead.

Lucia said...

My auntie is doing hers with clever leaning too. You two put me to shame.

I'm the other way around to you: tidy but dirty...


Plummy Mummy said...

Ahh so when my spuds sprout hairily, what I'm actually doing is "Chitting". Good oh

Terence said...

Commenting up here on something down there ¬

Absolutely adore the 'Slow Boat To China' performance


Emma said...

Sir Terence! Long time no....thingy.

Thanks very much!! I keep meaning to do some more and never quite do.

How on earth did you find this blog?!