Monday, January 11

Who you gonna call?

I made me some Coldbuster. It had better work as I've had an on and off cold for about a month, which I am now extremely bored with. It's a pre-made version of my 'quarter a lemon and slice a lump of ginger put it in a cup with a spoonful of honey then pour boiling water over' cold cure. Arguably it's more convenient, and it has a snappier name, too. Plus I like making things with lemon, for some reason. I am a fan of the lemon.

Coldbuster comes courtesy of the Leon book which we were given for Christmas.*According to the book they keep a bottle by the kettle all winter to help ward off colds. I'm guessing that they drink it, and that the liquid does not have actual magic powers. Though if it does: hooray!

It consists of the juice of 5 lemons (that's 200ml to you), 5 tbsp of honey, 2 big wodges of grated raw ginger and about eight inches of rosemary. You warm up the lemon juice, add the honey and stir until it melts and then add the rest of the ingredients. Then when it's cooled you bottle it, put it by the kettle and wait for a miracle. Or alternatively you can pour half an inch into a mug and top it up with hot water. It tastes very nice, especially with the addition of another teaspoon of honey. It might taste even nicer without the hot water and with an inch of whisky, I am thinking.

*I kept nearly buying this book and then deciding I honestly didn't need it, but now that I have it I am glad. It has lots of interesting information inside (including posters and pull out stuff) and really is
more than a straight recipe book. The recipes look good too.


Plummy Mummy said...

Hmmm interesting. May try it as we are prone to colds with tot around.
Have you ever made lemon curd?

Emma said...

I've never made lemon curd though it's delicious stuff so I ought to.

I used this stuff up within a week and as it involved squeezing 5 lemons decided it's a bit of a fag to make on a regular basis. I'm now experimenting with alternatives. Just made some ginger cordial which with a bit of tweaking (ie more ginger) might be nice, and definitely much easier!