Sunday, January 17


Let me just begin by saying that the Hairy Bikers irritate me. They are no substitute for the Two Fat Ladies, and many of the eleven year olds I teach are more mature and infinitely funnier. Usually I give their programmes short shrift.

Having said this, I have become strangely addicted to Hairy Bikers: Mum Knows Best. If you are not familiar with the format, the hairy pair travel the country talking to mums and collecting their family recipes. If you can overlook the rampantly sexist assumption that only women cook for their families, then there are some genuinely interesting and manageable recipes. The segment when the hairy ones cook in front of an audience indicates that their banter works live, too.

This week's gem was the Pakoras. I've never fried anything in more than a couple of tablespoonfuls of oil, let alone attempted the sort of Indian street food I salivate over in Plumstead, but it turns out that they are ridiculously easy to make, and delicious. Apparently Garam flour does not absorb oil as much as wheat flour, so they are virtually a health food, too.

Ooh, they were yummy. I suspect they would have been even crispier and yummier had the gas flame not gone out without me noticing for a while. I used carrot, onion and chard (from the garden!) in ours. Next time I shall also make some fresh chilli and coriander chutney to go with them. I'm salivating already.


Plummy Mummy said...

Oooh that looks very tasty. I was going to offer to teach you indian vegetarian cooking in return for crotchet lessons but now I see you don't need any lessons from me!

Emma said...

Well I'll happily show you how to crochet (though I am really only any good at making squares!). I'd love some indian vegetarian cooking tips!

Plummy Mummy said...

Squares are good (says the woman who only knits scarves!).
I guess you are only available weekends right? We'll have to work out how to meet up and ensure that neither of are knife weilding nutters.

Emma said...

Actually I am around in the day on Fridays, too.

I no longer wield a knife, as a good sharp knitting needle does the job a lot more neatly, I find ;)

Plummy Mummy said...

Hey that's good. Fridays is usually pizza day in our house but I'm sure a shak (curry) at lunchtime would be fine. What kind of things do you like to eat?
Things I'm really good at are:
Dhals - especially black eyed beans

Shaks (that's what we call curries) Cabbage
Green beans
Spinach and potato
Carrot with sesame seeds
Dudhi (like marrow)
Aubergine - two very tasty versions

Spicy Pasta!

If you tell me what grows in your garden, maybe we can make something out that.

You can email me on if you want to arrange to meet up.