Sunday, February 14

Anything to swap?

I went to Plummy Mummy's house on Friday for an Indian cooking lesson. The original intention was to swap skills; I was supposed to show her how to crochet in return for her okra curry making lesson. Unfortunately (or possibly luckily for her) she worked out how to crochet a square all on her own using only the power of the internet. So in the end I definitely got the better deal, and very very good deal it was too. My goodness the curry was delicious. So was the other one, with the vegetable I have forgotten the name of. I hope she will also post that recipe (hint, hint). I wish I'd taken a picture to jolly up this entry, but I was too busy scoffing. No change there, then.

Despite the one-sided swap, I did think: this could be a Good Thing. So many people do things that they could teach other people. What if more of us got together and exchanged our skill? I reckon it'd be brilliant.

Here is a list of stuff I reckon I could show other people how to do.

1) How to crochet a square, and then crochet another one and join it on as you go.
2) How to play the ukulele.
3) How to knit a seamless hat with magic loop.
4) How to cook various cakes.
5) How to make chicken stock.
6) How to make gravy.

I'm sure there is other stuff, too. I have a slew of printmaking skills but those slightly require a studio and specialist equipment. I am really thinking of more ordinary, every day stuff.

Do you have anything you could skill-swap? I bet you do.


Plummy Mummy said...

Hiya, I am kicking myself for not taking photos either. I think next time we have dudhi, I'll take pictures then post it up. Hope that's cool.
I like the idea of learning how to make seamless hats. But tonight, I'm going to try to make a pot holder doing afghan stitch (hark at me...I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about).
I think you should give Anna at Boppin Bunnies a call and offer your services as a BB teacher for Plumstead.

Emma said...

Oh, thanks! I was going to ask you for that address!

I'd also love to know what the spices are that you kept in your tin. I remember mustard seed/fenugreek, salt, turmeric and cayenne; but what were the others?

I'm a going to get me one of them tins.

Afghan stitch. Very posh! (Off to Ravelry to look that up....).

Plummy Mummy said...

The other were:
Dhana jeeru which is roasted coriander and cumin seeds mixed. You normally get the dhana powder and jeera powder separately. Do a 50/50 mix.
I also have jeera seeds which was used for the dudhi curry.
If you can't find a dabba on the high street, then get it online:

I think they even sell a version with the spices in but you are probably better off getting them on the high street in small packets.