Tuesday, December 29

A hat for my Dad

I promise knitted items rashly. I've been meaning to knit a gardening hat for my Dad for at least a year, and may even have promised this one to him on Christmas Day 2008. Slightly more than a year later he's getting it for his birthday. In my head I have all kinds of grandiose plans for all sorts of knitted projects, but in reality it takes me ages to finish things. I'm not so much a slow knitter as an irregular one. I spend a lot more time thinking about knitting than actually doing it, and find that at the end of a day's work I often can't face doing anything which might actually involve thinking (which doesn't bode well for this blog). This means that the knitting of squares is a particular speciality.

This hat was a very pleasant knit mainly involving going round and around: something which I found extremely managable. I used it to get my head around the magic loop method and it was a useful tool for that. Unfortunately for Dad I didn't work out how to prevent the small ladders which appeared as I knitted until after I'd finished, which means that his present has plenty of the small imperfections which make it authentically made by me.

The pattern is here.

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